About Us

Staff Tickets is the home of Service Seats. Service Seats started as a mechanism to deliver discounted cinema tickets to members of the Emergency Services, NHS and Armed Forces.

The need then grew and we quickly realised that our system was in high demand from employers wanting to give a simple and effective voluntary benefit to their staff. Staff Tickets was created.

Service Seats offers discounted cinema tickets to cinemas across the UK. We create a bespoke log in area for your staff so that they can then buy discounted tickets and refreshments. Codes are digitally delivered to staff via email as well as being displayed on screen and then these unique codes are redeemed against cinema tickets online. It is a quick and simple process.

Great Priced Tickets and Refreshments

A great benefit for your employees.

Simple Redemption Mechanism

Keeping it simple so that employees can get their savings quickly.

staff tickets

How It Works

It is a quick and easy process for companies to get their own access to Service Seats. Detailed below are the simple steps for you to get involved.

1. Agreement

Companies can sign up to offer Service Seats to their staff base for free.

2. We build your log in

We create a bespoke link that will allow your staff to be able to log in and buy discounted cinema tickets and refreshments.

3. Launch to your staff

We send you the link that will sit on your staff intranet and on emails that you send out to staff. We work with you to provide you with materials that you can send out to your employees to promote the service.

4. Staff buy codes for tickets and refreshments

Staff log in, select their cinema and select the tickets and refreshments that they wish to purchase. They then make the purchase.

5. We digitally deliver codes

Codes are sent to the employee as well as being shown on screen.

6. Staff redeem these against tickets and refreshments

The employee follows the steps to be able to redeem the codes against tickets and refreshments for the cinema selected.

Providers We Work With

We are proud to be offering tickets for the cinemas/travel companies below. We can provide for one or all.











Light Cinema

Light Cinema





National Express

Nartional Express

more coming soon


Get In Touch

We would love to hear from you if you are looking for a simple and cost effective voluntary benefit to offer your employees. Please fill in the form and we will look to get back to you within 48 hours.